Sunday, January 15, 2006

I've got a problem!

Engineering 83%
Philosophy 75%
Linguistics 67%
Mathematics 67%
English 67%
Journalism 67%
Art 67%
Sociology 67%
Psychology 58%
Anthropology 50%
Theater 50%
Biology 25%
Chemistry 25%
Dance 25%

created with

Okay, most of this is right on. PB's wouldn't even think of dancing! But engineering! This must be the result of my Abecedaria blog where I hang out with software engineers. Whew!

So what did I do this weekend? First, I reinstalled my OS from scratch. Then my husband and I reconnected our modem, then reset the router, then reinstalled all the software applications, made sure the kids computer worked, etc. etc. At this rate we'll all be engineers. I hope this will wear off and I can get back to a nice traditional female domain.


Peter Kirk said...

Thanks for this link. I too have engineering at the top, in my case followed by linguistics, English and philosophy, and dancing at the bottom, jointly with art. Well, I spent much of the weekend doing Sudoku puzzles, so I probably deserve to be in that category! The verification word for this comment is oddly suitable: "geiky".

Suzanne McCarthy said...

I can tell you would have English a little higher than me, which is a good thing. I can be a little careless a times in my writing style.

Sudoku puzzles are a big thing here too but I haven't had the spare time recently. Wonder why!

I'd like to ask you - do you know if there is a way for me to remove my profile from my sidebar but still have it display in the 'view my complete profile' link. I'm trying to strike a balance here, and my knitting blog is absolutely useless with this profile in the sidebar. I may have to start a new account for that or just drop it. We are getting lots of great ideas off the internet about knitting but most of my knitting group aren't really into computers so they don't care one way or the other about the blog as it turns out.

Peter Kirk said...

I'm sorry, I don't know much about controlling blogs like this. It is probably something you can control by editing your profile. If you have something like the following in your profile:

<!-- Begin #profile-container -->


<!-- End #profile -->

you could try removing it - but back up your profile first.

Suzanne McCarthy said...


Guess I'm not really an engineer.