Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Adding New Sites

I have added a few sites recently. If you think that there is some gender connection for these links you will be able to imagine that there is. However, it is not that simple. The sites I have added simply haven't turned up on other blogrolls that I read so I need to have them here, near at hand.

I read Dyspraxic Fundamentalist to remind me of the culture I was brought up in. He posts some Darby and that is interesting. The recipes are great also. Unlike him, I leave my shoes on inside. However, this derives from the same fastidiousness. We are pet owners. I can't bear the thought of walking around in my bare feet in the house.

Three Hierachies has been a favourite of mine for some time. He has posted some fun stuff here. But to truly appreciate this blog you must go to 'search blog' and put in 'Mongolia'. Be prepared for some great articles.

The Plymouth Brethren News is pretty close to home for me. I remember the Easter Conference when I was little. My sister and I had matching grey coats with white collars, white gloves and white straw hats. I guess children don't dress like that any more.

Equamusic represents a future project of mine, learning to read Dutch. Okay, for now, if I read the post outloud and ignore the spelling, and put my head to one side, and if the post has some predictable content, then I understand a fair bit.


Ruud Vermeij said...

I hope my posts are not too predictable :-)

Though my blog is primary targetted at Dutch audience, feel free to interact with it in English (or Dutch if you have the guts...)

Thanks for adding the link to EquaMusic!

By the way, when I wrote my yesterday post I was thinking I would like to see you commenting on 1 Cor. 11:2-16, especially on the piece William Welty wrote on it. Maybe a nice post for Better Bible Blog, because it is full of translation issues...

Anonymous said...

Hey there. I read your blog regularly and as an ex-PB I was wondering exactly where you stand on PB issues and doctrine. Unless I missed a post, you thoughts are scattered throughout many posts. How about a post on your thoughts about the PB.

Thanks, Danny Zacharias

Shawn Cuthill said...

Thanks for the link to the brethren site. Would you like me to add you as a contributor?

Suzanne McCarthy said...


Thanks for adding me as a contributor. I might check into it later.

I'm quite busy in other areas right now, so I will probably just be blogging for relaxation here on my bookshelf.

Alan Bandy said...

Suzanne, I finally got around to adding you to my blogroll. To have a knitter and a linguist all-in-one is too good to pass up. Take care.

Matthew Celestine said...

Suzanne, thanks for sharing your stance on shoes in homes.

A lot of Canadians seem surpised that people in America and Europe wear shoes at home; they get even more surpised when they hear some Canadians do so.

Every Blessing in Christ