Sunday, April 08, 2007

Susan Wise Bauer on Stackhouse.

Here is an excellent review by Bauer on Finally Feminist by John Stackhouse. I recommend it to anyone who wishes to know more about his book.

HT Jim Hamilton.

I commented today on Jim Hamilton's post where he mentions Bauer's review of Stackhouse's book but Jim deleted me. I had been involved in a discussion on the original post by Bauer as well as some other blog threads on the topic so I was familiar with the discussion.

I later received an email from Stackhouse, who wrote to commiserate with me on the sad treatment that some of us former Plymouth Brethren have suffered for expressing our so-called 'feminist' views! I include John's email as encouragement for myself and others as an example of Plymouth Brethren who extend their egalitarian views on church government to women. F. F. Bruce is another. God bless them both.
    Dear Sister Suzanne,

    We have not met, I don't think, although I have picked up clues that we almost have! I have come across a little correspondence you have had with members of the ****[a blog which shall go unmentioned] on-line.

    Wow. ..... Your composure in the face of attacks by ****& co I find frankly astonishing--a tremendous tribute to the grace of Christ and your submission to him. Bless you for this excellent example, that both convicts and encourages me.

    I hope we do meet someday,


    John G. Stackhouse, Jr.,
    Ph.D.Sangwoo Youtong Chee Professor of Theology and Culture
    Regent College
And yes we did later meet.


Bryan L said...

I find it ironic and telling that one of the only female bloggers (who's educated) who speaks out against patriarchalism is constantly censored and silenced for her views. It's quite sad. Say all they want about how they believe women are equal. As long as women aren't being given an equal voice in this discussion, their true theology is shown for what it is. Keep doing what you do and don't let any of those men silence your voice.
Bryan L

Heidi Renee said...

Thank you for posting this and the links to the review - as a feminist and former Plymouth Brethren it resonated deeply with me.