Monday, April 28, 2008

The ordination

Today a few new priests were ordained. This is a little different from the licensing of those who were already ordained. That was yesterday. There were several bishops and priests present from all over the world as well as the new ordinands.

A few young adults from the youth group were hanging around chatting afterward. One boy was new to that church so he asked,

- How come they were all men up there at the front?

- That's because men are the head authority over women.

- They are?

- Yeah, men are the servant leaders, and women are the servant helpers.

- Why is that?

- Genesis.

- What about the authority? Why are men the authority?

- Because in Timothy it says women shall not have authority over men.

- But, hey, look this Bible says women can't assume authority or teach a man in a domineering way.

- No way, that is not the right Bible. I don't agree with the doctor when he says that you can't find new life in that Bible you have there. That is too much, but just the same it is not a trustworthy Bible. Here is the right Bible, see a woman cannot have authority.


One miserable young woman came home and asked her mom when she was going to write her a book. Mom said that they were all full of crap.

PS I get pretty depressed about the anti-TNIV stuff being passed around the teens and young adults. When will they stop?


Alaska said...

She's got one heck of a smart mom.

Kevin A. Sam said...

It would be nice to see more women ordained in the future. It will come...slowly.