Sunday, May 18, 2008

One corner

This garden is full of the memories of my childhood. The Solomon seal, lily of the valley, and bleeding heart were favourites of my tiny self. They seemed to me in my childhood to be Biblical plants. The rest are poppies, ajuga, and oxalis. Other plants in the picture but not in bloom are foxgloves, oregon grape, hellebore, lamium, and heuchera. I cant believe that I forgot to mention the forget-me-nots!


J. K. Gayle said...

Ah, but this is the fantastic reality being clearly portrayed . . . designed by the One who designed the flowers . . .
--Christianity is Jewish, Edith Schaeffer

Jane said...

Voltaire says - il faut cultiver son jardin - and he planted wonderful gardens here in Ferney Voltaire - sadly they were not tended after his death. REAlly though the phrase means one should follow ones passion and cultivate it.
My own garden is full of snails ... but I am very proud of my compost heap!