Sunday, November 16, 2008

Responding to a request

Recently I had a request for a link to the full PowerPoint presentation by Mary Kassian. It is on her website as GirlsGoneWild.pdf. I am always happy to advertise the artistic efforts of a fellow Canadian.

Here is the intro to her presentation,

Girls have gone wild!

Our culture has produced a whole generation of Jungle Janes – breast-baring, butt-kicking, in-your-face, my-way-or-highway female aggressors. Countering this trend is the biblical image of a beautiful godly woman. Here are “21 Points of Contrast” to help you compare and contrast the two. Download and print the powerpoint outline. Read the Scriptures. Download and complete the 21 Questions. Evaluate whether your personal behavior and ideas are in line with what God deems beautiful or more in line with what he deems beastly. (From Mary’s “Girls Gone Wild” Workshop presented at True Woman 08 in Chicago)

I recommend that you view the full presentation. No, this is not tagged as humour or quirky. This is for those who missed the True Woman conference and want to know what they missed. Quite a way to characterize the opposition, isn't it?


Anonymous said...

I made a manifesto of my own, and now I think I'll make a check sheet.

Don said...

I thought the presentation was a mixture of good stuff and non-egal stuff.

I hear there was also a white surrender hankie handed out to all attendees, so if someone agreed with something said, they could wave their hankie to express approval and implicitly acceptance of surrender in that area being discussed. It sounded to me like emotions were played to.

Matthew Celestine said...

I hope they don't produce an equivalent for men.

Anonymous said...

I've heard the "Girls Gone Wild" tapes feature pornographic images of underage girls. In light of this I think Mary Kassian should have picked another name.

Anonymous said...

I just viewed her powerpoint presentation. She does the same kind of spinning of biblical text to back up her views that politicians do to back up their views. There is no difference at all.

Anonymous said...

I so hate the polarizing argument. It always goes something like, "Do you want to be evil/satanic/monstrous, or, do you want to do it God's way?"

Well, duh... The poor audience, unless they are able to really engage in critical thinking, is going to be willingly strung along from that point on.

It's such a vicious cycle, and really needs to be addressed regularly and repeatedly.

Anonymous said...

I can understand Kassian's concern with women not dressing modestly. But in our culture females are taught that their main value in life is in their sexual appearance. Unless we start teaching females that their value is in their inner person rather than in their "sexiness" we are going to have a lot of immodest dressing. She should look to the causes of immodesty instead of just blaming women.

Sam said...

Re: the Powerpoint, ironically, #3 suggests that one should dress femininely ("clothed in fine linen & purple").

But #18 contradicts that -- "not with expensive clothes" or "colored linens from Egypt".