Saturday, January 17, 2009

Marie Fortune

Lundy Bancroft's book has been considered one of the best on the topic. He also recommends Marie Fortune of the Faith Trust Institute. This if from her website.

    "For the most part clergy have hindered rather than helped women break free from their abusive partners. Our apathy, denial, exhortations, ignorance, and misinterpretations of the Bible have added to women's pain and suffering and placed them in even greater danger. The time is long overdue for us pastors to stop turning our backs on domestic violence and begin speaking out against this sin. We have a responsibility to preach and teach the biblical truths about God's love, which binds women and men together as equals rather than ordering them in a hierarchy. As long as we refuse to fully carry out our pastoral duties, victims of domestic violence will continue to crumble emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually underneath the weight of brutality and scriptural misinterpretations, which no human deserves.

    - Rev. Al Miles Domestic Violence: What Every Pastor Needs to Know


Anonymous said...

I do like Rev, Miles books, both of them and recommend them to all pastors and Christians

Suzanne McCarthy said...

Thanks, Kate. I hope you keep commenting on compegal.

Anonymous said...

I will as time allows. Thanks