Sunday, February 01, 2009

Women Bible Translators: Index

I am listing here the women translators of the English Bible that I have blogged abut so far, or intend to blog about, as well as other women who have been involved in Bible translation. Their translations represent a wide spectrum from the overly literal to the colloquial and easier to read translations. So far it appears that woman have largely the same variety of concerns regarding Bible translation that men have. I hope to add more and look forward eventually to listing some women's commentaries.

Annie Cressman
Karen Jobes
Helen Barrett Montgomery
Ann Nyland
Francis Siewart
Julia E. Smith
Helen Spurrel
Francis Werner

Translators of the Psalms

Sylvia Dunstan
Anne Locke
Mary Sidney

Other notable women in Bible translation

Jane Aitken


paulmerrill said...

Don't forget the need for Bible translation for more than 2,200 of the world's languages that don't have ANY Bible... And women are welcome to join in!

-Paul Merrill for Wycliffe's The Seed Company

janetlees said...

Language and Bible are two things that are important to me as both speech therapist and theologian, so I really appreciate your concern for women bible translators. I'm particularly interested in women bible retellers as I use an oral rather than written approach to the bible working with people of all ages and abilities.

Anonymous said...

Sue, which one do you think is most accurate for most situations?

Anonymous said...

I just finished the Book of Esther and remembered the book on our shelf by Karen Jobes. It is a super book that unfolds the treats of the Esther story. We also heard Karen at an event and are delighted in the scholarship in her book.

Barb O.