Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Why can't I own a Canadian?

Here is a letter explaining the Biblical reason for why you cannot own a Canadian. It's been around for a while, but now turns up the autocomplete program in google for "why can't."

Thanks to the friend who alerted me to this important Biblical safeguard for Canadian - US relations.


Don said...

I have seen a response to this letter by a Torah-observant Messianic, that I thought was very insightful. I will try to find it.

believer333 said...

The video clip was excellent. :)

I think this just shows us that we need to think when reading the O.C. Scriptures. There are many things we need no longer observe. But there are also many we need to continue observing. What principles do we use in deciding.

Anonymous said...

One thing is easy to clear up; the chicken most definitely came first

Don said...

The letter to Dr. Laura was answered by D. Thomas Lancaster in chapter 12 of his book Restoration.

While I disagree with Lancaster on his belief that a believer should be Torah observant, he does have many insights and is worth reading to see a perspective of a Messianic on some familiar verses.

Don said...

P.S. One can read some parts of his response at Amazon by clicking on the book picture and then searching on Laura.

Kristen said...

This was funny!

EricW said...

Forward, Aug. 15, 2003


With 12 million Americans tuning in daily, controversial syndicated radio- show host Laura Schlessinger — known to all as "Dr. Laura" — is arguably the best-known Orthodox Jew in the United States.

Rather, she was.

In a little-noticed pronouncement, Schlessinger — who very publicly converted to Judaism five years ago — opened her radio show, "The Dr. Laura Schlessinger Program," with the revelation that she will no longer practice Judaism. Although Schlessinger says she still "considers" herself Jewish, "My identifying with this entity and my fulfilling the rituals, etcetera, of the entity — that has ended."


Schlessinger began her program last Tuesday by noting that, prior to each broadcast, she spends an hour reading faxes from fans and listeners. "By and large the faxes from Christians have been very loving, very supportive," she said. "From my own religion, I have either gotten nothing, which is 99% of it, or two of the nastiest letters I have gotten in a long time. I guess that's my point — I don't get much back. Not much warmth coming back."

Schlessinger even hinted at a possible turn to Christianity — a move that, radio insiders say, would elevate her career far beyond the 300 stations that currently syndicate her show. "I have envied all my Christian friends who really, universally, deeply feel loved by God," she said. "They use the name Jesus when they refer to God... that was a mystery, being connected to God."

In her 25 years on radio, Schlessinger said she was moved "time and time again" by listeners who wrote and described that they had "joined a church, felt loved by God and that was my anchor."