Sunday, March 14, 2010

John Hobbins keeps women from talking to each other

The position of women in the bibliosphere is an odd one. There is no active woman blogger among the top 50 at the moment. And no wonder. Really what woman would want such an association.

John Hobbins made an interesting post here concluding with this statement, "If this topic has been touched on by other bibliobloggers, I haven’t run across it."

Since it is a topic which I originally raised on John's blog, and have blogged about repeatedly, I wanted to comment to that effect. I was able to. However as soon as Marilyn showed up, all my comments following hers, were removed or blocked.

If anyone wants to ask John about this, please do. Or don't. It won't have much effect anyway.


Nicole said...

One thing that bugs me is when John describes how some people will choose a more traditional/patriarchal framework.

Ok, "choose" implies that the wife and husband had long, intimate discussions marked by prayer, fasting, and asking for counsel. That, by definition, is not patriarchal. And I would suggest that the couples who choose a patriarchal framework are actually closer more soft comp.

BTW, when will people realize that patriarchy is just as damaging to men? We will have to stand before God and give an account for what each of us have done, so why would people like CBMW encourage a framework and caters to the HUMAN desire for power?

J. K. Gayle said...

"BTW, when will people realize that patriarchy is just as damaging to men?"

Patriarchy thrives, it seems to me, when powerful men like John perpetuate the "denial" about the damage that patriarchy causes both women and men. My own experience is that patriarchy (i.e. complementarianism) also damages children in the family. As a child still growing up, I am helped, I must add, by your blogging, by your bringing attention to the damage, Sue and Nicole.

Suzanne McCarthy said...

Absolutely. I wonder for how long I am going to have to learn about the damage that patriarchy causes the children.

I know it is painful to everyone, especially to those who have been the patriarchs. It robs people of intimacy, arguably our most basic human need.

Donald Johnson said...

As John controls his blog, my suggestion is to go somewhere where he is not in control to discuss things with another.

EricW said...

You and John have a history, don't you?

Anonymous said...

I am at a loss to why John claims to be an egal? Is he a reluctant egal?

Gary said...

Hey Suzanne.

I do not think you have been rude to me at all. At times, I've felt that you make generalizations, and it seems you and John misunderstand each other, but I do not think you have snapped at me at all.

I posted this comment on my own blog, but I thought you might see it quicker if I posted here, also.

Kurk has also been quite patient with me, which I will commend. Two other egalitarians that comment less frequently on John's blog have been less than kind, but that is another story.

Take care, Sue. Please keep my mother, Melinda, in prayer. She just had a gastric sleeve on Tuesday. She's recovering well now at home, but I'm hoping this will be a major change for her in the right direction on her health.

Thanks in advance. --Gary

Suzanne McCarthy said...


I read your recent post. I was overwhelmed by all the things you are dealing with. You are about the age of my son, and I am very much the parent for him. I feel so sad that you have to handle so much so young.

Yes, I will keep your mother in my prayers.