Friday, March 05, 2010

The Pearl's disciplinary methods

I have been reading No Longer Quivering lately and find it very distressing. I can hardly imagine homes like the ones described there. Not all of them are Quiverfull - a variety of traditions are represented. The common thread is male authority.

The latest post was on the Pearl's and the death of Lydia. I hardly know what to say. It sounds unbelievable.


G said...

Disturbing stuff. There is a big similarity in the nature of abuse towards both women and children that happens in this kind of "spiritualized" authority framework. Of course in the first case the husband is the abuser, but in the second the mother may also fall into the same error. My father was a gentle father, I cannot remember him ever spanking or striking me. Sometimes, however he would forbid my actions and when I asked him "why?" he would say, "because I am your father and I told you so". I remember as a child vowing to myself never to put that kind of reasoning upon my own children. The authority parents have over their children is not just that they are their parents, but because they have greater knowledge and experience by which they can guide their children. Anyway, one day the child might be the one changing their senile and difficult behaving parents' diapers.

believer333 said...

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