Saturday, April 10, 2010

What some women bloggers are saying

There are now no blogs authored by women in the top 50 biblioblogs. There are a few that are co-authored by women, but none by a woman alone.

What are women blogging about? Some say children and home. Why not. But other women are blogging about what life was like under patriarchy.

A Wife's Submission

"The burden was so heavy, I could see no way out of it but my death. I wanted to die: my frame of mind was such that I would have embraced cancer or something as an escape hatch from God to bring me relief."

Submission Tyranny

"Even if the husband does not use physical abuse or overt emotional abuse on a daily or weekly basis, the fact that he requires his wife to continually and daily set aside her will, to live like a child without the freedom to choose what she thinks is best, so he can have things his way and feel in charge, is in itself domestic abuse."

No Longer Quivering

"I posit that the well-intentioned “Biblical patriarchy” adherents can’t help but support abuse, because the abuse is intrinsic to the teaching…which means that either God is abusive, or the patriarchy camp has got God figured out all wrong."

Woman Submit! Christians & Domestic Violence

"The false doctrine of female subordination to male authority lies at the very root of domestic abuse and domestic violence among professing Christians. The premise is despotic and abusive in and of itself. Domestic Violence among Christians will never be eradicated until gender equality is acknowledged and practically implemented."

bWe Baptist Women for Equality's Blog

"In the next few posts, I will get to basics and dethrone Male Headship."


"One of the things that led to me parting company with the complementarian new church setting I was in was a realisation that I was married to my wife, not the church. " (Okay, this one is a guy.)


Mara Reid said...

It's sad that the non-egal movement has such a negative impact on women yet they are so blind and are moving forward, full-steam ahead in their delusion.

It's good that these bloggers are popping up to stand against this tide of evil and abuse.

It's bad, though, that intelligent women(and men) have to spend so much time standing against it and focusing so much on this aspect of Gods word rather than talking about so many other things God provided in His word and promises.

It was for freedom that Christ set us free. Therefore keep standing firm and do not be subject again to the yoke of slavery.

Dana said...

Suzanne, I have recently come across another woman's story, which you might find interesting. I read the entire story on her facebook page, and she is slowly reposting it on a blog:

Anonymous said...

I am trying to do the same thing -- just trying to put more evidence out there that is contrary to what 'mainstream' Christians say about women and their roles. Thanks for writing, Suzanne. :)