Thursday, June 17, 2010


I don't usually laugh out loud at America pronunciation. I try to muffle my mirth if I can. Of course, I expect to be the source of a little mirth myself. But listen to this. HT Nick.



I had never heard the first one before, but I am of Huguenot stock myself so I am familiar with the first rendition in the second link. Give me a call and hear how I pronounce it! is there anyone out there with the Oxford pronunciation?


Will Fitzgerald said...

According to the OED:

hju:gənɒt or hyu:gənəʊ

In other words, "HUGH-ge-not" or "HUGH-ge-neau"

They've no opinion on "Schillebeeckx"

Anonymous said...

I'm puzzled by the H at the start, surely as a French word the H is silent? (As well as the T)

Suzanne McCarthy said...

Thanks Will.


I don't think there is any real logic to these things. I find HUGH-ge-not funny because it rhymes with argonaut. It changes the word quite a bit.

But HUGH-ge-neau or U-ge-neau as the French would say it, are like herb and erb. Who knows why English people pronounce French the way they do. I wasn't taking this too seriously. :)