Monday, August 02, 2010

The Bible and its Traditions

Jim West has blogged about a new set of reference works called La Bible et ses Traditions. I noticed that Jim passed on a list of resources. Since I have many additional resources, I felt that perhaps I should list them here.

Greek New Testament
Look Higher (200 Bible translations)
The Greek Text of the Orthodox Church
German Bible Portal
French Bible Portal (godieu)
Hebrew-English Bible
Hebrew with Rashi
Calvin's Latin commentaries and translation
Erasmus Center for Early Modern Studies
Gothic Bible
Geneva Bible
Julia Smith's Bible
Hekman Library

That's a start. This does not include lexicons, etc. I'll see what I can do.


Iris Godfrey said...

Thank you! By the way, I like the photo of you. Good to see your face. Blessings.

Suzanne McCarthy said...

Thanks. A few years ago, it did not seem to be quite the thing to put a picture but now everyone has one, and I felt a little awkward not doing so.