Sunday, October 31, 2010

Year of Biblical Womanhood

Rachel Held Evans has announced the topic of her next book, A Year of Biblical Womanhood. I have enjoyed reading the posts and comments on her blog ever since. Her audience is diverse and the comments are quite entertaining. Unfortunately commenters do not worry much about the sensitivities of complementarians so be warned. I don't think they mean any harm, and are not vicious, but many just can't get their head around many of the things that John Piper likes to smoke. I recommend To Vote or Not to Vote.

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Donald Johnson said...

My concerns:

1. This has already been done by a man.

2. She is not a comp, yet she will use some comp interpretations. So she does not believe what she is doing, what will this mean? Nothing that I can see.

3. She is even going into the OT and going to do things that female Jews do/did. In other words, it looks like a mishmash.

4. She is writing a book from it, so it looks like a publicity stunt.