Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Rachel Held Evans

Rachel is taking her place as a prominent female Christian blogger, and I am delighted. It is refreshing to see a woman take the lead in so many areas of blogging. I just want to express my appreciation for her blog. Here is today's post. She approaches the issue of women in the church with civility and persistence.


Donald Johnson said...

The first I heard of her was when she was going to try a woman's year of living Biblically, and write a book about it, after her monkeytown book; as this had already been done by a man and she was clearly not comp, I wondered why she was doing it.

But since she asked Driscoll to repent, I started following her blog and have grown in my respect for her.

J. K. Gayle said...

Yes, Rachel Held Evans is a woman and is civil and persistent. She is sensitive to to all who are listening to her (even Mark Driscoll and Donald Miller), and she listens to others, and she advises all to listen to one another just as she wants to be listened to:

Depending on our audience, we may want to use the word “disrespectful” instead of “sexist” or “egalitarian” instead of “feminist.” There’s no need to turn people off with words that may be misunderstood.

Still, don't you love how she playfully uses the phrase "civil as heck" and how she doesn't shy away from quoting the shrillest of feminists?

Gem said...


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