Friday, July 25, 2008

For Dave

Testing, testing. Does Dave Ker read this blog? It seems that he has been asking for some music to learn a little Hebrew. My last post was in Yiddish, but this one has a couple of verses from the Hebrew Bible. Snappy too. I thought the second one would be Dave's style.

"Rachem" (Mercy) by 12-yr-old Mordechai Shapiro of Miami Boys Choir with Yaacov Shwekey

rachem rachem nu hashem elokeinu rachem
Have mercy, mercy, Hashem Our G-d, mercy

al yisrael amecha rachem

On Israel Your people, mercy

ve'al yerushalayim irecha rachem rachem rachem

And on Jerusalem Your city, mercy, mercy, mercy

ve'al tziyon mishkan kevodecha

And on Zion, the resting place of Your glory

ve'al malchus beis david meshichecha
And on the kingdom of the House of David, Your annointed

ve'al habayis ha gadol ve'hakadosh rachem rachem rachem
And on Your great and holy Temple, mercy, mercy, mercy

"Kol Hamispalel" (All Those Who Pray) by Yeshiva Boys Choir

kol hamispalel bimkom hazeh beyerushalayim
Whoever prays in this place, in Jerusalem

keilu hispalel lifnei lifnei kisei hakovod
It is as if he prays before the Heavenly throne

sheshar hashamayim, hashamayim shom hu
At the gate of heaven, in heaven he is

u'pesach pesuach leshmaya tefillah
And the doorway is open for prayers to be heard

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David Ker said...

You are too good to me. I'll listen tomorrow after I get some sleep.