Thursday, April 06, 2006

Gospel of Judas

I watched a news special on the Gospel of Judas tonight and then sat down and installed a Coptic font and so on, which I posted on Abecedaria. I saw Bart Ehrman on the show, so that puts a face to the name. I quoted a chapter of his recent book yesterday.

The book on the Gospel of Judas will be out later this week. I'm not lining up for a copy at this point. I'm sure more will be out on the net about it soon. I did read a couple of gnostic gospels many years ago and wasn't overwhelmed with the experience at the time.

The story of the manuscript itself is by far the most interesting thing about this book for me. Imagine finding an original authentic document to work on.


On another front I really appreciated the fact that I had read C.S.Lewis and Joan Didion this week as my neighbour started talking to me about her aging parents and the many difficult decisons coming up.

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