Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Job's Wife

I was pleased actually that I scored 7% fundamentalist. I do still feel an affinity for that way of reading the Bible. I especially enjoyed this post of Matthew's on Job - Henry Morris v William Blake on Job.

This post is a good example of how someone who is strictly an inerrantist, like Henry Morris, may nonetheless come up with a variant or non-standard interpretation of something in scripture. Matthew carefully shows us that Blake's interpretation was quite different, and I think more accurate.

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Matthew Celestine said...

Thanks for the link.

Henry Morris seemed to think that being an hydraulic engineer qualified him to write Bible commentaries.

His exposition relies heavily on his applying commonsense to some of the Bibles stories and thinking about the characters as real people. Occasionally he brings out some real insights and indroduces a liveliness to the exposition that more exegetically strong commentaries often lack. However, it often resulted in his writing some daft things.

His assumption abotu Job's wife even lacks any hint of commonsense.

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