Saturday, June 28, 2008

Bruce Ware on Spousal Abuse

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Matthew Celestine said...

My pastor shares Ware's view of that verse in Timothy.

I think it is even bigger garbage than the stuff that Ware has written in defence of predestination.

Anonymous said...

I should think Ware would be proud of this list. After all, he will say they are only liberals and feminists and he is proud to be 'persecuted' by such as these. It will only make him think he is right.

Charis said...

I was reading some of the comments at Think Progress and comment 25 struck me as hilarious:

QUOTE“women rebel against their husband’s God-given authority”
If this phrase is Baptist foreplay they must not be having too many babies.

And I was skimming some of the more recent comments at the Bruce Ware post on Denny's blog and saw this

QUOTENot all complementarians are guilty of holding the wife down while the husband abuses her. I think Alex Strauch ("Equal Yet Different") is an example. He points wives to 1 Peter and tells them to do the right thing without fear. If the right thing is getting the kids out of there, so be it.
Also, he points out that in 1 Cor 7, Paul specifically makes the bedroom an egalitarian room.

Is there any valid basis for restricting the teaching of 1 Corinthians 7 to applying ONLY "in the bedroom"??? I wonder if this is another "tradition of men"?

When slavery was ended in the western world and workers became free- but were subjected to poor working conditions, they organized into labor unions and went on STRIKE for better conditions. As a wife of a patriarch wannabe, I am thinking that a STRIKE is not a bad idea. Since the only thing about me that seems to be "valued" is SEX, how about a sex STRIKE?

I can hear the horror! WHAT? you SINNER! to thus DEPRIVE him!

1 Cor 7:3 Let the husband render unto the wife due benevolence: and likewise( homoiōs) also the wife unto the husband.

Please note the "likewise":

Could one make a case from the placement of that "likewise' that the husband's benevolent treatment is to come first? That he is to be the HEAD/SOURCE/initiator of BENEVOLENCE? Is the the husband is supposed to "lead the way" when it comes to benevolence, paying the debt?

I do not deny that marital sex is part of the debt or benevolence spoken of in 1 Cor 7:3. I deny that the debt/benevolence is only SEX! Weren't there other more graphic and specific words for sexual activity which Paul (and God) could have selected if they intended to restrict the application of this passage to sexual activities?

Soooo, IF he is dishing out disrespect, verbal abuse, put downs, dismissing, ignoring, character assassination, etc….

…then likewise( homoiōs)

...he shouldn’t be surprised when benevolence/paying the debt does not come "gushing" back at him (in the bedroom).

Suzanne McCarthy said...


I agree. There are so many sad consequences to all this teaching. I wish I thought that we would all end up in happy relationships but it doesn't seem very likely. How are we all to survive, to really thrive without love?