Monday, February 15, 2010

More on Women in ministry

Doug Chaplin and Peter Kirk discuss the teaching of Carrie Sandom that women may not teach men. My stomach turned at this post. Waneta Dawn has taken on Bruce Ware again, and Cheryl and Journey have good posts.

It is not all that long ago that smoking was allowed in public places. But a disapproval of smoking has reduced the incidence of this unhealthy volitional habit. The subordination of women requires the same disapproval. As long as the majority shrug and allow the subordination of women to continue as an acceptable practice, it will continue. Men will not be ashamed to indoctrinate women into their own subordination.

Here is Michael Patton's definition of egalitarian, something which he wishes to see less of in the church.
    Theological position held by many Christians (contra complementarianism) believing the Bible does not teach that women are in any sense, functionally or ontologically, subservient to men. Women and men hold positions in society, ministry, and the family according to their gifts, not their gender. The principle of mutual submission teaches that husbands and wives are to submit to each other equally. Prominent egalitarians include Doug Groothuis, Ruth Tucker, William Webb, Gorden Fee, and Linda Belleville.
I usually like a lot of Michael's writing, and I think many people do. Unfortunately that does not make his position just.


EricW said...
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EricW said...

As I've noted elsewhere, one day patriarchalism (so-called "complementarianism") will be seen and understood for what it is or was - i.e., the gender equivalent of racism and slavery.

"Keep your heads covered, your mouths shut, and your wombs productive."

Rod said...

So according to Michael Patton, egalitarians teach mutual submission?

So did the apostle Paul in Ephesians; I guess that makes him an egalitarian as well.