Sunday, February 07, 2010

The Superbowl in the light of eternity?

C. J. Mahaney delivers another one of his rousing "How to watch the Superbowl" sermons. It is always delightful - especially to those of us who are completely out of touch with how to watch TV because we don't.
    Working the remote requires skill and coordination as well as discernment. This person needs to be paying attention and anticipating commercial breaks. While everyone else enjoys the game, this person is working and always aware of what’s on the TV.

    We need to make sure a room full of people are not simply passively watching the Super Bowl. Commercial time can be time redeemed with the right leadership and by a simply changing of the channel to C-SPAN.

    Sometime after the game—that same evening or the next day—it’s helpful for a father to draw his child’s attention to the game in light of eternity. It’s also helpful for us as fathers to be reminded of an eternal perspective.


Mike Aubrey said...

This is a lot funnier being that I don't have a television.

Thanks for this Sue!

Suzanne McCarthy said...

Lots of my friends do not have TV's either and they are not Christians. They don't blog either. I wonder how they spend their time. Oh, right, books - that's it.

Lydia said...

And here I thought I was weird for not having a tv. I am in good company. But I also cannot enter into much small talk because that seems to be what folks do. I cannot stand the thing. I guess my big vice is the computer.

Gem said...

Daddy and the children watched while I went to bed early (I get up at 5 for work). My 7 yos came in when it was over and said "my team won!"

Me: "Which team was that"

Joey: "The Saints"

Me: "How did you pick them?"

Joey: "I liked their gold uniforms the best!"

I agree that the Superbowl is quite trivial in light of eternity, nevertheless it seems like harmless fun compared to some other passtimes.

Gem said...

PS. I already knew who won before Joey informed me. My husband forgot I was trying to sleep and I heard loud strains of "When the Saints go Marching In". :P

Lynne said...

Ok, I know nothing about superbowls, not even sure what sport it is, since I'm not American, but I'm bemused by this ccomplementarian explanation of why men have to have the remote -- because it's such an IMPORTANT job!