Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bible scholar final showdown

I am very happy to link to this post in the Bible Scholar Showdown
Fee and Witherington are prolific writers of commentaries. Wright has one major commentary on Romans as well as his “For Everyone” series. All three are New Testament scholars who have lead their respective fields. Fee is well known for his Pauline studies. Witherington for his Socio-Rhetoric studies and Wright for his Third Quest and historical Jesus work. Whatever the result there will be a book give away so spread the word and lets see who wins the final showdown!
I honestly do believe, and I say this sincerely, that egalitarians are in a position to be excellent scholars of the Bible. Egalitarians cross the spectrum, some finding egalitarian principles in the Bible, and some not so much. Egalitarians can look at both possibilities, or come down somewhere in between, as I do.

In any case, I am proud to say that all three of these theologians have been formative for me.


Mark Stevens said...

I thought you might have chosen Fee over Wright!

Suzanne McCarthy said...

Fee has probably had more influence on me and he is an amazing person, whom I have met a few times.

So now I feel a little guilty. But he is also strictly biblicist, which is great from one angle, .... but now I forget exactly how you phrased the question. Oh bother! They are very different and hard to compare.