Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Comparing the ESV and NRSV

Here are three Bible translation charts. The first one is found all over the internet and clearly displays the ESV as more literal than the King James Version, while the RSV and NRSV are = less literal than the KJV. I am not sure where this chart originated.

The second chart is from Parchment and Pen. The NRSV is not found in this chart but the ESV is considered less literal than the KJV.

The third chart is a display of a software comparison of several Bible translations. It is worth noting that the ESV and the NRSV, which feature so far apart on other charts, are actually very close together. What I am wondering is if the first two charts are based on any evidence or analysis, or are just free hand sketches of what someone thinks is so.

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Donald Johnson said...

One sees what one wants to see?