Monday, November 08, 2010

Denny Burk and Douglas Moo on 1 Tim. 2:12 in the NIV2011

I recommend that readers visit Denny Burk's blog to see the interaction between these two men. So far, neither of them have acknowledged that the Calvin Bible of 1855 had "assume authority" from Calvin's Latin "auctoritatem sumere." The argument seems to be based on whether or not the translation is a clear complementarian translation.

Since I have not been allowed to post on this post of Denny's I would appreciate if any reader here would communicate the information regarding Calvin's Bible to the readers there, in defense of Dr. Moo. It is also worth mentioning that the Vulgate had dominari, and the KJV had "usurp authority."


Shaylin said...

I actually tried commenting twice, but both comments went from "awaiting moderation" to non-existent. I asked point-blank why that was in a third comment and Dr. Burk emailed me. He explained that he was trying to "draw the circle rather tightly around" his conversation with Dr. Moo. I'm hesitant to make accusations, but I've also noticed that apart from himself and Dr. Moo, the only comments that have been allowed through are in general agreement with Dr. Burk. I suppose it's possible that, apart from me and you, no one else has posted in support of Dr. Moo's argument, but color me suspicious.

Donald Johnson said...

He did not allow a comment allowing an answer to a direct question that another poster asked.

I am praying for the Holy Spirit to intervene.

Mara Reid said...

So the dishonesty thickens.

Smart Schools Conect said...

Appreciatee this blog post