Sunday, February 20, 2011

CBMW has not heard of the King James Version

So claims Marvin Olasky. I wasn't going to post on this topic again. But my wandering eye could not help but notice this complete nonsense. Really, at this point, I don't care any more to discuss what 1 Tim. 2:12 means. But I can't help but chuckle over all those who claim to be "biblical" and "traditional" and have no idea what a traditional Bible translation might contain. Marvin Olasky writes about the NIV 2011,
"Person," "ancestor," and "they" are three of the gap-fillers, but this translation sometimes maintains the role of the individual (Psalm 1 begins "Blessed is the one," not "Blessed are they") and sometimes doesn't (Psalm 146:5). The most-criticized retranslated verse is 1 Timothy 2:12. The CMBW notes that virtually every translation, whether traditional or modern, has Paul writing that in church a woman is not to "have" or "exercise authority" over a man—but the new NIV has "assume authority." Critics argue that readers may conclude women can be pastors as long as they don't engage in a power grab.
I think that "virtually" must signal "complete nonsense coming next." How could Olasky state that CBMW does not know what is in the King James Version, or the Calvin Translation, or the Vulgate, or Luther's Bible? How come they don't know, and don't care?

Because they have chosen to be ignorant of these things. Or because they actually think that no one else knows, and they can slip this one by. What is it - deceit or ignorance? They are deluded, I do believe, and they chose to bind women to their own personal delusion.


Kristen said...

Selective memory. They haven't read the KJV in years and their minds remember the 1 Tim 2 passage saying something different than it actually says.

Also wilful ignorance. They haven't read Luther's or Calvin's versions, or the Vulgate. Nor do they care what they say, if they say something different from what these men have decided the text is supposed to say.

Suzanne McCarthy said...

Selective memory.

You're right. It is selective memory. But it is also not checking the facts. It is also binding women to what men seem to recollect - on a good day, no less.

G said...

Hi Suzanne, Sorry to put this unrelated comment here, but I just noticed over on the latest blog entry is on "Women in Ministry: Is There a Biblical View?" with the especially interesting introduction:

"I’ve been asked a couple of times to hit on this topic...... In case you aren’t familiar with the terminology of the debate, you can get caught up by following these links for “Christian egalitarians” and “complementarian.”
As a strategy for keeping my interest, I’ve asked my friend and fellow blogger John Hobbins (Ancient Hebrew Poetry) to do this one in tandem. John is an egalitarian....."

I was tempted to write something, but I decided to sit out and watch this one first. If John Hobbins is a true egalitarian then I wonder what to call myself.

Lin said...

Mohler (and remember CBMW is located at his seminary) just preached a sermon at a pastors Conference saying that "pastors are God's appointed agents to save His people from ignorance".

Yes, they think we are ignorant and will believe whatever they teach. They are supposedly scholars so it has to be deceit.

"How could Olasky state that CBMW does not know what is in the King James Version, or the Calvin Translation, or the Vulgate, or Luther's Bible? How come they don't know, and don't care?"

All of this is more about making people afraid to buy the NIV 2011. The same campaign that was brought upon the TNIV that was so successful. And the opposite campaign to promote the ESV as the real thing we can trust.

Anonymous said...

I think this is simply more evidence of the con going on by CBMW.

They want to claim comp is what was always taught, instead of it being invented in the 1980s. Their use of the word comp shows their Orwellian bent. Now they are simply denying history but being careful to use an escape clause.

They are NOT plain speakers and in these cases it is like lieing. So they stand self-condemned by their own words. May those who do this repent.

Don Johnson