Friday, February 25, 2011

Junia resurrected

Its long past bedtime, but this topic has gone sideways, so in order to pull together various strands, I will post a couple of links.

First, Mike Heiser has posted a brief paper that I put together on Junia's name. It is far too brief and only a summary of issues - nothing original. And in the end, I did not even mention that Junia was a common Greek name for a woman, but unknown for a man. Mike has also linked to articles by Belleville, Wolters and Wallace and Burer.

And now Richard Fellows has posted on Wolters' article as well. And Claude Mariottini also responded to Wolters' article here. I am a great admirer of Al Wolters; scholarship, and I note that he did not insist that Junia could not be a female apostle. His articles are basically morphological studies done for the sake of his interest in language.


Lin said...

Another balanced view of Junia:

Kristen said...

I'm glad Heiser is being reasonable here-- but he was being very unreasonable in calling me "the commenter who presumed to know something about my privileged background," when I did nothing of the sort.

I have tried to post something reasonable in response. No sense in escalating the insults.

Richard Fellows said...

Al Wolters has resonded to my critique and I have posted his comments here.

Suzanne McCarthy said...

Great! I have responded on your blog.