Monday, June 13, 2011

because I am a girl ....

Because I am a girl is a campaign to raise money to nourish and educate girls worldwide. Here is one astounding statistic.

Fact: Young women put back 90% of their income into their household, but men only give back 30-40%. By directing the money they earn back into the household, girls can help their families to stay healthy, secure and educated.
I don't know the source for this, but certainly passages in Half the Sky back this up. If you want to fight hunger and poverty, you have no choice but to promote at least an equal decision-making role for women. Any desire and movement to keep women from equal decision-making, is a movement to keep children hungry and uneducated and empoverish households. Choose equality for women, and you are choosing life. That is why Adam called his wife the mother of all living. Chava - "Life".

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Anonymous said...

I don't agree with this woman-centric viewpoint, and I'm a woman. I'm tired of this sexist favouritism, because that's what it is. Why are the children being neglected at the expense of "women's power" movements like this? Economy and job opportunities, education, and morals are what's necessary to help a nation overcome its hardships. Besides, men also face hardships in life - let's not pretend boys aren't forced to participate in militias against their will at very young ages, or that men also face the dangers of war and famine. How could anyone be fine with ignoring a whole gender, (young, old and in between) like that? I would like to see a movement for men for a change since they've been neglected for so long, or at least one for children (and not just girls).