Saturday, July 02, 2011

Old spice guy and me

Now for a bit of fun, a commercial break so to speak. Isaiah Mustafa was in Toronto recently and that reminded me of how much we have in common. I happened to catch the segment last year when Isaiah Mustafa talked about his diet on the Jay Leno show. We are on exactly the same diet. Remarkably, this has not made me look like him, even though I like the way he looks.

So, here is his diet. No alcohol, no coffee, no sugar, no gluten, no meat. I understand that this was a time limited enterprise for him - he is not a career vegan. Neither am I. At least, I am not philosophically vegan at the moment. Perhaps it will come to that.

But it works! Like old spice guy, I now am now the ideal size for my height and age - and sex. I don't count calories, I eat voraciously, I enjoy desert when tempted by others, and it all feels too good. I just wanted to put that out there, because a lot of us struggle with health and weight issues. I am swearing by this one. Quinoa, parsley, green vegetables, root vegetables, legumes, avocados, squashes, nuts, seeds and fruit - and ummmmm - yup, and coffee. On and off.

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