Saturday, April 08, 2006

Carolyn Custis James

Ron Smith has just brought my attention to the fact that Carolyn Custis James has won a badge of merit on the CBMW website. They are officially voicing their concern over her teaching. I am really enjoying Ron's series. It is important to be reminded that women should be encouraged to do what women have always done, rather than putting emphasis on having to find socalled 'new' avenues of service.


Light said...

Those who are foaming at the mouth over James' work are feeling threatened. In my opinion, one comment from her new book, Lost Women of the Bible (p. 19), symbolizes the crux of what is so troubling to them:
"The New Testament anchors a woman's identity and purpose to her relationship with Jesus rather than to her parentage, her marital status, or her children."

For patriarchalists who define godly womanhood by these various roles, this is a threatening concept indeed. For if a woman's identity is found in following Jesus, it is no longer exclusively about living her life's purpose through a husband (or a father, if no husband materializes.) They insist that only a woman who subordinates her calling, life vision, identity, and voice to her husband's is living out "biblical womanhood". The only way to be a godly woman, according to female subordinationists, is for men to set the vision and direction of their lives, and women tag along for the ride providing the support services.

James' take on gender relations is fresh and exciting. She speaks of the "Blessed Alliance" of men and women, helping and supporting each other in the unique and myriad ways God calls each of them. James' voice on these matters is like a long cold drink after a dry trip across the desert. We in the PCA need her very much!

Suzanne McCarthy said...

Think of all the famous women in the past who had amazing vision and calling, and acted on it. It truly pains me to think that Christian women today might see themselves as limited to acting within 'boundaries'.