Friday, February 10, 2006


If I have readers who have not noticed, I should mention that I have been posting on the Better Bibles Blog this week. I have interviewed Dr. Packer and we covered a lot of ground. Now I have most but not all of it transcribed but I see that I need to go back over it and review it to be accurate. It was a pleasant discussion between two evangelical Christians with a mutual interest in classical Greek and Bible translation. When the conversation moved to women as "teachers" we quickly agreed to disagree and moved on. On the issue of the nature of Biblical womanhood he claimed he couldn't quite remember having said some of what I mentioned. That seemed fair enough to me.

On the knitting front, we are going gangbusters with 20 kids knitting such delights as teddy bear scarves and blanket strips. This consists of each child knitting what I thought was reasonable which is about 8 stitches wide and 16 inches long. Then I sewed all the pieces of different colours together, trimmed it with a crocheted border and called it a teddy bear blanket. We have a dolls crib set up in the display case. It is full of teddy bears wearing scarves and the blanket is draped over the side. When they have finished that we go on to other projects. We have started a blanket for our sick room.

These kids are autistic, deaf, dyslexic, speaking little to no English, etc. A couple of boys who usually help with the website are also knitting, since my computer with the school website software has been down for a few weeks. It is lunchtime mayhem.

I also have a new Byzantine Greek beta font with 635 different characters in it. I will post on this soon but it needs some solid attention paid to it. Sorry to bore you all.

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