Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Our new kitten

Our cat died over Christmas. I was feeling a little sad. However, yesterday we got a new kitten. Just sitting around dangling a tassle, getting her to romp. That seems like enough to do after work.

More knitters. One 10-year-old boy has Tourette's but when he sits and concentrates on knitting he is calm and focused. He is an above average student - and very sweet when he is knitting but not too great in the classroom, I understand.

Fortunately these kids don't care much about gender roles. Maybe they just have culturally different ones. It is hard to say really. Helping me on the website, helping knit a blanket, what is the difference?

Lots of cheering for Cindy Klassen!!!

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Wayne Leman said...

My wife would love your new little kitten. She loves cats. I'm a dog person myself.

We, too, have been cheering for Cindy Klassen. I think she did better than a lot of people expected.