Sunday, February 26, 2006

Garrison Keillor

I have been wanting to write a post about the comedian, Garrison Keillor, for some time. He grew up in the Plymouth Brethren and is the age of my older sisters. However, we don't remember meeting him.

What I do remember is that about 10 years ago my sisters and I were together at a cottage in Ontario and we rented some Garrison Keillor videos and watched them, hooting at how often he got it right.

Shawn Cuthill has a good post of an interview with Keillor.

KEILLOR Religion is rigorous and significant. Whether a lot of people see it that way or not, it just is. That's not to excuse at all the cruelties that have been done in the name of rigor and doctrinal purity. If those people had really been rigorous themselves, they wouldn't have been intolerant.

I hope to add a few more links to the sidebar here in a week or two. I have heard from some interesting people and would like to link up.

I also see that I have missed out on being linked up to the Plymouth Brethren blogosphere because I do not have Plymouth in the blog title, only Brethren. Hmm.

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