Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Wrong Words

I have been thinking tonight of another side of life. At school every day I see dear young children - some with happy families to go home to, and others without.

Last week I learned that one 13 year old girl had been physically and sexually abused for years. We had no idea. On finding out, the grade 7 teacher simply took her into her own home, and that was it, now she is part of a new family. But this had been going on for years.

Another girl I work with every day, 12 years old, severely hearing impaired, is just emerging from 12 years without the ability to communicate. Another child with a serious medical condition, ostensibly well, but dangerously close to a medical crisis.

Every week or two we sit down and have a team meeting with the psychologist and counselor to discuss which children have learning difficulties because of cognitive ability and which ones flinch because they expect to get hit.

I read Wrong Words to remind me of the concerns of my daily work. Here is one of the recent posts,
    Caregivers, adults, and members of society in general have a moral obligation to protect all children from abusive experiences. Communities and schools can raise awareness through parent education programs and public education campaigns. In an emergency, call your local police department to ensure the immediate safety of an abused child.
Here is the information for who to call in British Columbia. Further information here.

Poetry reading cancelled challenges us to consider the role of the church in this regard.

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