Wednesday, August 20, 2008


If anyone links abortion with an egalitarian society, they need to think again. Abortion and infanticide were commonly practiced in patriarchal societies. These practices permeate every type of society. Female infanticide is a continuing crime. The figures I have seen are about 50 million missing women in China and perhaps the same in India. Is this not a holocaust created by the belief in the lesser value of women as providers and protectors and bearers of the family honour?

The statistics very widely, but frankly 100 million or 50 million, what is the difference? Why is any Christian allowed to restrict the functions of greater value to the male? Why are these people permitted the label of Christian?

I am not saying that this injustice is worse than the disruptions of war and famine in other places. Gender injustice is not the only evil on earth, but it is an evil.

A group of us teachers were sitting around chatting tonight about classrooms of Asian students that have twice as many boys as girls in them. I don't know what our sex ratio is here, but it got me thinking.

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