Monday, August 04, 2008

Singing Owl blogs on headship

There has been a lot of strong blogging on the gender debate recently. Here is a series from Singing Owl. She writes,

Just last week I had a conversation in which I was assured that Adam (Man) was designed for leadership and Eve (Woman) was designed to follow. The man was designed to be over the woman. God's plan was a hierarchy--a loving hierarchy of God - Man - Woman. If I would read the creation account it would be clear, I was told. Friends, I believe we are applying the results of a scheme that came from Darkness and calling it "God's divine plan" for men and women.

That grieves my heart for so many reasons, not least of which is that I believe it is a dreadful thing to attribute the work of evil to God, even with the best of intentions. So what does it say in Genesis? Aren't there very different and God-given roles for a man and a woman?

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Bill Heroman said...

not in the godhead.
present in angelic orders.
present in fallen angels, too.

did God intend man to have hierarchy?
and if not...
who gave it to us?

Suzanne McCarthy said...

We have hierarchy because we lack natural unity. We replace intrinsic unity with hierarchy. It is an earthly and corrupt system but it is one that works for many things. That does not mean that marriage ought to be a hierarchy.

As is turns out, marriages that are non-hierarchical are at least as stable as hierarchical marriages, and perhaps more fulfilling. However, all marriages involve two human beings. Don't ask me how to solve that one. I don't know.

Dorcas (aka SingingOwl) said...

Thank you so much for the link, Suzanne. Hierarchy is not necessarily a bad thing (though it can be), it seems always a flawed thing, IMO, even though it may be necessary--in the military or corporations, etc. I just don't think hierarchy is necessary in a marrige relationship. Nor in friendships, or many other relations! I'll probably talk about that just a littl in my next, and hopefully last, post in the series.