Friday, December 26, 2008


TC at New Leaven blogged an unusual Christmas post. Some readers here might like to follow the discussion there. I would also like to bring attention to comment #27 by Iris Godfrey of Mannaword.

When I was asked to do a radio program, my total orientation had been “women are silent and do not teach men”. However, I had been teaching a Bible class in a bank and some of the officers of the bank began attending and they were men. What to do? You really cannot ask an officer of the bank that is hosting you and your class to leave because he is male. So I was dealing with this, but not knowing what to do with it all, when I began a 8 year radio spot. Most of my listeners were men. Now what to do? My own church opened the door wide for me, yet it was several years before I was really comfortable with any Scriptural position. Needless to say, I have become an egalitarian. It is has been a very unusual journey.

Following the Lord is not so much a matter of mental position, as watching His leading. He sometimes leads us beyond ourselves — then we understand. I have been taken on such journeys a number of times following my Lord. He does not always wait until I get it and understand it. Sometimes He just leads me and then explains matters.

Before writing this post I sat and listened to her podcast He Came as Love. This kind of preaching which recontextualizes the letter to the seven churches is valuable for me as it brings back memories of my dispensationalist upbringing and demonstrates another reading of certain passages. I am guarantee that you will gain from this message by Iris.

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Iris Godfrey said...

Thank you Suzanne for highlighting my comment to tc. I read here very often, but seldom comment as I am a rank beginner in the language skills of Greek. However, I read and learn. Thank you for visiting MannaWord.