Saturday, December 27, 2008

More on Exiting

Cindy has responded with posts on finding an exit counsellor and other exit literature. There is also a site for Sovereign Grace Ministries Survivors with excellent posts like this.

Since some of my very early posts on this blog, the hope has been to draw attention to churches which control members through discipline or excommunication, to churches which teach the rule of men over women; and to promote leaving these attitudes behind, while at the same time, maintaining the traditions which nurture us. Controlling, authoritarian, patriarchal doctrines must be rejected. However, for our own integrity, our own wholeness, we need to nourish our deep respect for tradition and for the core beliefs which guide our life.

Some of those who have left church, have truly left church. Others, like myself, have left a particular church which teaches high boundaries, indoctrinates members into rigid beliefs, and promotes male rule. I understand the influence of habit and tradition which makes us feel more comfortable with a man in the pulpit. I appreciate it and I share it. That is why I have been eager to introduce readers to some of the traditional women who have stood in the pulpit. We need to honour our traditions and move beyond them at the same time.

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Unknown said...

After reading about this patriarchal sect, it's uncanny how similar they are to Islamic Wahabiism.