Saturday, June 27, 2009

Biblical battery update

Every once in a while I read the blogs on spousal abuse and fundamentalism. The Bible can certainly be used by either spouse to try and control the other. Sometimes I read about a husband who has left his fundamentalist belief and has been turfed out of the house. I suppose it is just an excuse. In any case, I am not oblivious to the fact that men can get the short end of the marriage stick just as easily as women.

But that is not excuse for a significant part of Christendom to continue to teach priority of the male, and masculinity over femininity, etc. The label is telling enough - "functional subordination." It means being fully aware that women are equal to men, and still making them live as subordinates. I don't know how that is a gentler reality than looking after them for their own good, because, after all, women aren't smart enough to look after themselves.

Here are some updates on articles and posts that have come out on the topic in the last 6 months.

(I deleted one link that was not in very good taste - sorry about that.)

The Purpose Driven Wife

Gracious Submission: Southern Baptist Fundamentalists and Women

A Theoretical Model of Spouse Abuse by Christian Fundamentalists

An open letter to those who have experienced abuse at the hands of religion

Southern Baptists at convention urge women to be submissive to their husbands.


Theophrastus said...

I've been spending so much time with my Kindle that I read the title of your post in a completely different way than you intended.

By the way, I can see why you deleted the link to Allison Hantschel's "Is Joan of Arc Gonna Have to Start Breaking Fools" post, but I don't see why you can't post a link to Kathryn Joyce's article that inspired her post.

Suzanne McCarthy said...

Yes, that kind of biblical battery would be very nice. No doubt it would last longer than an Eveready battery.

I had linked to Kathryn Joyce recently but you are right to mention this article again, it is related. I think there is an increase of interest in responding to the deplorable conditions of women who are told by Ware,

"It means that a woman will demonstrate that she is in fact a Christian, that she has submitted to God's ways by affirming and embracing her God-designed identity ... rather than chafing against it, rather than bucking against it, rather than wanting to be a man, wanting to be in a man's position, ...

Imagine he wrote that. I know, terrible, but you always make me chuckle anyway.

J. L. Watts said...

Suzanne, it might be off topic, but a certain prominent West Coast pastor, who rides high in the Saddle, has denied that abuse is grounds for divorce. There was a recent news story out there concerning it, but nothing more came of it.

I guess the cover-up of abuse didn't Warrent a divorce, or a continued news story.

Kate Johnson said...

J.L., you got everything in there except the Rickitty argument that it is built on...

J. L. Watts said...

Well said, Kate. Ha!