Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Great Stuff

I need to link to some of the many great posts around. And interject my unasked for opinions and reactions,

Here is Aristotle`s FS`s list of books Very feminist and I haven`t read that many feminists but now, thanks to AFS, I know the names of a few. Thank you, AFS for nominating me. Here is his earlier list. I share a few books on this list, specifically, the LXX and Pike.

Here is WILF Aristotle and I was just going to nominate him, but here is his list now hot off the press. I share Augusine`s Confessions and The Zohar with him, and bits and pieces of the rest. Another noteworthy post from WILFA is Ordaining Women.

Here is James McGrath`s list and you can follow the meme back from there.

On another tack, I thought I would mention John Starke`s blog for his careful analysis of Millard Erickson 1 and 2. And of Steve Tracy. Even though I disagree with him, I think he has done a valuable and dispassionate analysis of several books of interest lately. Good stuff.

On the Courage to Be, Wade, who is the husband of another blogger, is continuing to write on this topic. I am enjoying it very much. As always, it is nice to share thoughts on a common book.

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