Sunday, August 09, 2009

Ordination of Women in the ANCA

I am catching up on the June meeting of the Anglican Church in North America. If I had not made a decision to leave my former church, I would have been a member. Here are some articles on women in this new church affiliation.

Virtue Online
Episcopal Café
Post Gazette

I know my pastor was against the ordination of women. It seemed too depressing - young women who didn't know what was going on, and who were in the leadership training group, woke up slowly to the fact that they were not ever going to be treated as those who could function as equals. I don't think any of them felt that they benefitted from this restriction.


Bob MacDonald said...

O Suzanne - what can one say - 100,000 in 80,000,000 and the ones who break away want to join - what for? And who is Rick Warren - should I know?
"How appropriate that an Orthodox body not recognized by Constantinople recognizes an Anglican body not recognized by Canterbury--and both are recognized by Rick Warren."

On your last post I was also intrigued with the paper by Cole - and actually read it. (Usually I stay out of these various arguments) I liked his note on the issues in Timothy. Parts of that letter are in my brain - but not as proof verses - so I was glad to see the difficulties in a larger perspective in the letter. Authority to me doesn't mean judging each other, or being the boss, or even being in an office - God forbid that the clergy not be considered part of the laity - the people of God :).

Authority is for me a growth of understanding and the obedience of faith. It resides only in God - in his word certainly, but not in someone else's interpretation of it. I am afraid that makes me wholly subject to that authority - the atheist would say this is purely subjective. Tough.

Kevin Sam said...

It's sad that there are some male priests are against ordination of women priests, but I would think that most Anglicans in this new affiliation would still support women priests?

Suzanne McCarthy said...

Thanks Bob, I thought Cole's paper offered some good thoughts.


Definitely some do, Don Harvey does. However David Short does not. Its a mixture. Overall the Canadian diocese does ordain women, but only about 22 out of 28 dioceses in this affiliation ordain women.

Beth said...

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Anonymous said...

ACNA permits ordination of women as prists/pastors for those congregations/diocese which allow it, but does not permit women to be bishops. The idea is that individuals priests are part of a diocese, but bishops need to able to relate to the church universal (which practically means, in this case, other ACNA and other worldwide Anglican bishops).

Suzanne McCarthy said...

It also allows present clergy to exercise their conscience. In a congregation that used to have women's ordination, and where the congregation did not interview the present incumbent on his views of women's ordination, the present incumbent can state to the congregation that it is against his conscience to work with ordained women.

If women's rights are not defended, they don't exist. IMO.