Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Two upcoming conferences

First there is the CBMW Trinity Panel and then there is the blog conference on women in ministry.

The trinity panel will be upholding the belief that there is eternal functional authority and submission between essentially equal persons, God the Father and God the Son, and between husband and wife.

Dave, writing for the blog conference, claims,
    It was in the 1970s that the Anglican Church in Sydney Australia put forward the idea that there was a hierarchy within the Trinity that was reflected in creation, specifically between a husband and a wife. This has been fundamental to the development of “complementarianism” and the understanding that men and women are “equal but different” (before the argument was simply “not equal”!). According to Padgett there is no documentation of complementarianism prior to 1976. All this suggests that it is not Egalitarianism that has developed recently due to cultural pressure, but rather the Complementarian view of subordination based on the Trinity and the concept of “equal but different”! Complementarians like to say they are defending the traditional view…but this would not appear to be the case at all (unless of course you see no difference between hierarchical theology and complementariansism!)!


Lynne said...

Oh yes! Here in Sydney the Anglican college (and probably some others as well) teach subordinationism as if it were a theological "given", like the 2 natures of Christ or the authority of scripture. So many of our clergy are taking it on board unchallenged and unexamined. very sad.

believer333 said...

I've heard that. That is bad. So, how do we who know better back that out of the colleges???