Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What happened to Wrebbit?

Does anyone know what happened to the Wrebbit 3 D puzz sets? We used to buy one or two every year and build them over Christmas. Sadly, I am not a collector and eventually our structures were deconstructed and sent to a thrift shop.

Now I find that the ones we had are collectors items, and oddly I can't find one in the stores. Is it just me, or have they disappeared from the market?


Kate Johnson said...

You're kidding! They are collector's items? I just gave away 4 to a church yard sale two months ago and one was never opened! They said they went fast, now I know why! Serves me for not checking first!

Donald Johnson said...

Amazon seems to have some, but some are sold out.

Suzanne McCarthy said...


I don't know how valuable a pile of foam could be but in they are never made again, they must be worth somethng.

I simply wanted to buy a new one for the pleasure of putting it together with my kids.


Amazon says "not currently available" whatever that means.

Donald Johnson said...

Just search on "Puzz 3d" at Amazon.


Suzanne McCarthy said...

Thanks. The prices have sky-rocketed. I'm sure I would not have spent more than $30 or so for the ones we did- Big Ben, Vatican etc. Perhaps I will order Mont St Michel for next Christmas but it is a little pricey.

We have decided to do Lego instead this year.