Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Is Logos Software complementarian?

I was browsing some women's commentaries and came across the Women's Study Bible offered by Logos Bible Software.
    Features study articles, annotations, and more than 300 topical notes on hundreds of subjects of interest to women. Written from a conservative perspective that honors the special role women have throughout the Scriptures. It includes portraits of more than 100 women of the Bible, inspirational quotations, and 175 original in-text charts and maps. Written, edited, and produced by women for women. All students, pastors, and teachers will appreciate seeing the Scriptures from this fresh viewpoint.
I am a "special needs" teacher so I know all about being "special". It involves no shame, but it is no great honour either - as Tevye would say.

I have the impression that both Logos Bible Software and Accordance are primarily complementarian organizations, although I am aware that they have a wide variety of offerings. This causes a conflict of interest, however, for the female Bible scholar. I am so lucky this is just my hobby.

Thoughts on this, anyone?


Qohelet said...

Unfortunately, bible software companies have to cater to an evangelical demographic which has more vocal complementarians than egalitarians.

Mike Aubrey said...

What Qohelet said.

I know both comps & egals at Logos. And aside from this study bible they also offer this:

LearnLogos said...

Hi Suzanne,

I just created Interactive Training Videos for Logos 4.

It realy helps people get more out of the software. The training simulates using the software. You can left click, hover your mouse, and even enter text.

It's easy and fun!

I just started this business, and could use any help in getting the word out!

John Fallahee

EricW said...

John Fallahee:

I just now ordered your training CD and got my email order confirmation, even though I'm currently going through Morris Proctor's 2 volumes, which are sitting on my desk at home. Thanks for the alert re: your CD.

I can't wait for revision b to be released, 'cause my Greek and Hebrew morph searches currently crash the program due to a known bug. :(

EricW said...

Wow, John! I just got an email notice that the CD was shipped. That's fast customer service. Thanks!

LearnLogos said...

You are welcome! It's helps living and working really close to the post office!