Friday, January 08, 2010

Women of the Reformation

Thanks to a reincarnated Jim West, we have news of a new book on Women of the Reformation.

    Women and the Reformation gathers historical materials and personal accounts to provide a comprehensive and accessible look at the status and contributions of women as leaders in the 16th century Protestant world.

    * Explores the new and expanded role as core participants in Christian life that women experienced during the Reformation.

    * Examines diverse individual stories from women of the times, ranging from biographical sketches of the ex-nun Katharina von Bora Luther and Queen Jeanne d’Albret, to the prophetess Ursula Jost and the learned Olimpia Fulvia Morata.

    * Brings together social history and theology to provide a groundbreaking volume on the theological effects that these women had on Christian life and spirituality.

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