Monday, January 04, 2010

The long distance between pleasure and procreation

Claude Mariottini has a post which exemplifies the difficulty I was having as a woman in accepting the link between procreation and pleasure - in other words the necessity that the sex act is by nature unitive and procreative at the same time. Here is just enough to get you interested,
    Mrs. Bergmeier learned through a sympathetic commandant that her husband and family were trying to keep together and find her. But the rules allowed them to release her for only two reasons: (1) illness needing medical facilities beyond the camp's, in which case she would be sent to a Soviet hospital elsewhere, and (2) pregnancy, in which case she would be returned to Germany as a liability.


Nicole said...

This comment is kind of a combination of the one on George and this one.

Somewhere I remember hearing (correct me if wrong) that the RCC is ok with manual and/or oral stimulation so long as the "sex act" maintains procreative potential. Theology of the Body?

I can kind of understand the RCC view, that the sex act is 3-fold (unitive, pleasurable, procreative). This would mean any CHOSEN unnatural means (sterilization, condoms, pill, patch, barrier, etc.) that does not include abstinence during a woman's fertile time of the month, would be to take one of the three parts away.

But something just doesn't completely sit right. I think it's the elevating of procreative potential to equal with unitive and pleasurable. If a couple is "naturally infertile", then they are only able to have 2/3 sex. That means they are having "less that" sex!? Could you possibly shed some light on where the RCC breaks down? I have not been able to find a counter-argument with much substance.

I am all for children being blessings, I hope to have many one day. But can I not have sex with my husband just because he is hot? Is it wrong to just enjoy him?

Anonymous said...

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