Tuesday, November 16, 2010

my ticket #

I attempted to contact Biblegateway, and received this response,

Your request has been received and assigned a ticket number of 8588. Our support staff works M-F from 9am-3pm EST and will review and respond to your ticket as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience.



G said...

They did not post my comment either. I posted another short comment today, so I watch and see. This is the reason I am opposed to those who post public blogs, but then very selectively limit the comments people post to the blog. Except for obscene or hateful comments, which are already banned by the terms of use of the blog server, I think it is dishonest to appear as having an open debate, but not allowing those who give the most logical and clear arguments against the blogger's opinion.

Suzanne McCarthy said...


I read your comment this morning. It was posted and then removed along with mine. I don't know what kind of game this is, but it is consistent with the need to hide the truth from the public.

Mara Reid said...

Perhaps someone should start a list somewhere of "Communist" or "Taliban" type blogs.
Those would be blogs that promote propaganda and lies and surpress truth and balanced argument.

Donald Johnson said...

I also complained to Biblegateway that it appeared that egal comments were being filtered on that forum. I also got a number.

EricW said...
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EricW said...

These kinds of shenanigans only make me more rabidly anti-complementarian.

Hopefully the present and upcoming generation won't put up with this kind of sexism, but will vote with their feet and their pocketbooks.

Keep up the good work, Suzanne.

G said...

So for now I see they have posted my later comment which was: "I am not so certain we should even be using the word authority to translate the word authentein. Since this word is used only once in the New Testament, and almost always had a negative connotation in earlier Greek texts, I think it would be better to translate as did the Latin Vulgate, dominari, or such as Robert Young, to rule. Since the Greek word exousia is the most common word referring to neutral authority, it would be more accurate to use another word to capture the essence of authentein."

Donald Johnson said...

## In replies all text above this line is added to the ticket ##
Ticket #8408: I have a concern with Denny Burk's post on 1 Tim 2:12 on the ...

Your request (#8408) has been marked as solved by our support staff.

To reopen the request, please respond to this email.


Sandy Hall, Nov 22 14:07 (EST):
Dear Don,

Greetings from the BibleGateway.com.

Thank you for contacting Bible Gateway. Your comments have been shared with our content team. The discussion on our Perspectives in Translation blog has been heated at times, but all attempts are being made to give equal voice to alternating viewpoints on the issues in question.

Thank you for your interest in BibleGateway.com. We appreciate the opportunity to serve you online.


BibleGateway.com Customer Care
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Know therefore today, and take it to
your heart, that the LORD, He is God
in heaven above and on the earth below;
there is no other. Deut. 4:39 NASB


Don Johnson, Nov 15 10:20 (EST):
I have a concern with Denny Burk's post on 1 Tim 2:12 on the NIV 2011.

Do you really think it wise to allow him a forum to say the NIV 2011 MISTRANSLATED one of his verses?

And why was my response not approved? You appear to be catering to comps.

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Donald Johnson said...

Sandy Hall, Nov 22 14:10 (EST):

My apologies... I inadvertantly hit the SEND button before finishing our note to you. All attempts are being made to give equal voice to alternating viewpoints on the issues in question and keep the conversation civil, gracious, and Godly.”

Blessed to be a blessing,

Sandy Hall
BibleGateway.com Customer Care