Sunday, March 20, 2011

Blogging heaven and hell: 6

There have been a series of posts on Rob Bell on Denny's blog, on Jesus Creed and on many other blogs. I have also read with fascination Tim Keller's views on hell. And Kurk responds here.

But I want to add that in a coercive church atmosphere, the men suffer much more than the women, concerning beliefs and doctrines. A woman is silent, and sheltered in many ways. If her husband allows her to be queen to his king, in the home, then she is safe. But the husband has to have a doctrinal position in the church. He is subject to spiritual abuse. I have to admit that I find hell an equal opportunity weapon, and men suffer from it just the same as women. But the exegesis is different. I know how exegesis sends women to hell. I know how exegetes send women to hell. I am not so sure about the men.

It has been fascinating to watch how grown men, who should have other things to do on a Saturday night, stick handle women into hell, with a few clever passes. But some of us got the slap shot. Then there some players who were caught for high sticking. And the pious referees, were happy to hand out penalties but they never ever took a puck and said to that puck, you are a human also, you deserve to be a player.

But it seem to me that it is by a different and more varied process, that many men are also stick handled into hell. They don't play by the rules, that's it. Woe to them also. They start out as potential players, which women never are, they are the pucks. But the men, they start out as players, and them some of them find they can't stomach the rules, and they are demoted.

So, I won't claim that women are unique in their suffering.


believer333 said...

Now I've learned something of the language of hockey. :)

"But I want to add that in a coercive church atmosphere, the men suffer much more than the women, concerning beliefs and doctrines."

I'm not sure I agree with this. Perhaps, if a woman has zero desire to serve the Lord in anything resembling spiritual ministry, than a man who is expected to serve and doesn't have the skills or want to, he suffers more. Yet, in my estimation, there is no hell on earth worse than spiritual abuse, where one is not allowed to be the person they are called to be in Christ because of people lording over others.

J. K. Gayle said...

Thanks for the link. Thank you even more for your series of posts on hell. The whole issue deserves much much attention because of what believer333 comments here: "there is no hell on earth worse than spiritual abuse... because of people lording over others." Indeed!

This reminds me of something Eugene Peterson is reported to have said recently on the whole Rob Bell book backlash by so many spiritual leaders:

"I don’t like it when people use hell and the wrath of God as weaponry against one another."

This is the crux of the problem, spiritual abuse. BTW, the Peterson statement is from a blogpost that Rachel Held Evans links to from here.

Peterson seems to be wise, and we also appreciated your linking to a post from here. In the bit you quoted of him, he credits his mother, a preacher, whom the Holy Spirit would use to tell "some of the best parts" of the Bible!

Bob MacDonald said...

Sue - I have not read all about this, but I did write something today that was inspired in me from some marvelous pictures of the full moon from a friend. See here