Thursday, March 10, 2011

No women Bible scholars?

Apparently, according to the ESV Study Bible, there are no women qualified to write commentary on the Bible. This came up in a comment on my post a couple of days ago. Marg has taken up this point in her own post. I also found her story of moving towards biblical equality to be very compelling - and amusing. Thank you, Marg.


Kristen said...

Thanks for the links, Suzanne. I will repeat here what I said on Marg's blog.

Wow. I thought the Heiarchical Complementarian position was that women could not “teach or exercise authority over a man” in public church settings. Apparently, practically speaking, they do not allow women even to contribute scholarship to Bible translation. I was unaware that this was a form of “teaching or exercising authority over a man.”

By excluding women entirely, the ESV team has shown that their anti-woman bias extends far beyond what they would claim is her “biblical role.”

Anonymous said...

O no! The jig is up, their game exposed and they repent?

I pray for that day. And hope is comes a lot sooner than the SBC repentence over slavery.

Don Johnson

Marg Mowczko said...

Thanks for your kind words, Suzanne. And for the links.

Anonymous said...

Catherine Bushnell spoke of this and how women have been kept off of translation teams and we must take that into consideration.

She was a self taught scholar and medical doctor.

The translation wars have become very unChristian in my view.