Wednesday, March 02, 2011

scattered thoughts

Here is a response to the concerted effort on the part of some to get me to understand that complementarianism should be tolerated. Yes, I want to play in the treehouse, ... and then sometimes I forget that there is a treehouse.

Rod writes an exemplary post on Rob Bell and weaves it into other issues. I appreciate the depth of this post.

And back to something that came up on Mike's blog. Are women just whiners? Clearly I think not, and resent women being called that. On the other hand, to be perfectly honest, I do not feel that I am worse off than all the men in the blogosphere. Not at all. I am only worse off in one characteristic, which unfortunately had some serious consequences.

But in other ways, I live a life of privilege. I have a job, and I received a decent education. I was raised in a stable and happy family. These are huge advantages. I am grateful for these things, and my spare time, my extracurricular effort in life, goes not to biblical studies, but to staying in school after the bell and being available to tutor those who come for extra help in reading. That is my delight, my gift back to others.

This blog, on the other hand, is a place to come when my therapy piggy bank is empty and I need to rant.


Anonymous said...

I would be happy to tolerate something that was truly complementarian. But not the Orwellian speak of what is really Patriarchy as in: Some animals are more equal than others.

Gem said...

I'm sorry that there's such mean spirited gossip about you going on. (tsk tsk shaking head)

As for complementarian, I really don't care a bit about church polity. I am much more concerned about how all the misguided preaching about husband only authority is lived out in marriages (leaving hurt people and dead marriages in its wake).

On that, I read an article a few days ago which I thought was EXCELLENT and I think you will concur: Why are the differences between a man and a woman so valuable in marriage?

That's complementarity which I can live with!